About Leven

Our Ideology

Leven Baking Company is a gluten-free baking company guided by health and nutrition made by hand and heart. We only use the highest quality ingredients to satisfy the need for healthy living and we don’t sacrifice on taste. Most importantly, our gluten-free recipes are prepared with nutritious whole grains, natural ingredients, and we use organic whenever possible. All of our ingredients are as nature intended, and are non-GMO, free of preservatives, wheat, lactose, soy and anything artificial.

Our goal is simple – bring together health conscious individuals who don’t want to give up the delicious baked goods that give us the comfort of home. Whether you’re sitting by a fire on a cold day, or next to a pool on a beautiful sunny day, we’re here to add a little sweetness to your everyday or special occasion with delicious baked goods and inspired food made by hand and heart.


Our Founder

During a successful 15-year career as a licensed massage practitioner, nutrition coach and fitness trainer, Christian was diagnosed with several food intolerances including one to gluten and dairy. Having devoted his life to health and fitness and having a passion for food, this news was life altering.

With these new restrictions in mind, he looked for a solution where he could continue to enjoy delicious bread and pastries while being mindful of his health. It was harder than he imagined. As a foodie, he refused to settled for subpar options, deciding the best way to help himself and others with similar health issues was to immerse himself into learning everything there is to learn and creating what is missing in the market – delicious food without the gluten and lactose. Christian enrolled in the International Culinary School at the Art Institute of Houston, graduating with an A.A.S. in Culinary Arts before moving to Madrid, Spain to study at the famed Le Cordon Bleu where he received a first-level basking and pastry certification.

It was there that he decided to take his passion of gluten-free baking that doesn’t compromise on the taste and bring it to Houston. The concept: Artisan made, health-conscious and delicious gluten-free breads and baked goods that were not yet available in the fourth largest city in the US.

Before starting though, he wanted experience, joining a gluten-free bakery in Napa, California where he got his hands dirty, literally, and opened his mind to what he wanted out of his own bakery.

Returning to Houston, he began by baking for friends. His passion of hosting took on a new feel when he was able to share these new recipes around his own kitchen island. A cup of coffee with a side of baked goods made using whole grains, natural ingredients, no preservatives or anything artificial was a no-brainer for someone who had dedicated his life’s work to health and wellness. Around that kitchen table, the concept for Leven Baking Company was born – a gluten-free bakery focused on delivering a line of mindfully crafted breads and baked goods, made by hand and heart.